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... okay, so....we've already thought of an abusive Will towards Nate...

...*not sure if she dares mention this*

But...what about an abusive Taylor towards Dave? 

How would that work? *muses* Just a strange thought.


Oh, I am SO in the mood for an AU fic. So I came up with this idea if anybodys interested:

D/T - Ha. Set in the present day. What would happen if Dave woke up one day and looked like this again: (e.g. had somehow lost years off his age and was beardless again? LOL) I'm just wondering how the band would react. Cancel the tour because it'd be suspicious if the audience saw him like that? And OMG. Maybe he could have lost all his memories from when he was that old until now. And of course his bandmates are totally dumbfounded by it all, and people muse over it, and try to figure out how to solve it. Solution for D's problem? Weeeeell, *cough* maybe Tay has to do something. Y'never know. I'll let you think about that one. *wink*

A result of my messed up mind. But strangely entertaining in my opinion.




Okay. This *has* to be written sometime. And if anyone takes it up, I worship them for all eternity. And maybe write a fic in return. *wink* But yeah. This is me being hyped up. Not sure why. I ditched science. That could be part of the reason. But meh. Anyways....:

Dave/Tay. (well, duh...XD)

Suicidal Dave trying to jump out of a window!

*cracked up when she thought of this* dreamsinfiction gave me the idea through this non-slashy fic.

And who's there to stop him...? Oh, take a wild guess...

Hehe. Can't you just imagine Tay grabbing him and pulling him back? It works. Has to happen. Not in reality though. That'd be sad on Dave's part...


D/T Idea

Okay, so here's a fic idea based on this snippet from an interview thing:

Foo Fighters frontman DAVE GROHL credits his bandmate TAYLOR HAWKINS' painkillers overdose with giving him the courage to settle down - he immediately asked his future wife out on a date. Hawkins spent two days in a coma following the overdose in 2001, and an emotional Grohl decided to contact MTV producer Jordyn Blum, who he had once casually dated - for moral support. He says, "I had decided I didn't want to get serious about a relationship because I was single and I was running around. I was free. But that (calling Jordyn) was the first thing I thought about when Taylor came out of it. I had met the woman I should marry and have children with and I hadn't talked to her in months. She said, 'You're the last person I thought I'd ever hear from again.' And I said, 'Hey, let's go to dinner.'"

Dave/Tay - Maybe the reason why Tay regrets the coma so much isn't because he nearly died, but because Dave went off with Jordyn before he could make a move on him...? Ha. A bitter blonde drummer.

I come equipped with more fic ideas. Could possibly be because I feel really bored and out of place, while my family all sit around watching POTC. So, here goes nothing...


Heh. Nate has a rather erotic dream about Chris, and wakes up in the tourbus, slightly freaked out because he's determined that he can't be gay. Denial!Nate? Anyway, turns out, Chris heard everything while he was asleep, and confronts Nate sometime soon afterwards. 


Kurt and Krist come back from a party, completely drunk, and practically fall into their hotel rooms. Krist is sharing with Dave, and trips in the bathroom, and hurts himself somehow. Dave takes the opportunity to talk to Krist and tell him how he feels, expressing everything on his mind, knowing Krist probably won't remember it in the morning. 


Nate and Chris are on the verge of getting together, and the blonde drummer notices this and gets jealous. He manages to steal away Nate from Chris after their performance, takes him backstage...and...er...things go from there. Chris comes looking for the redhead, and finds them, gets angry, and steals Nate away from Taylor after maybe punching him or something. Cue confused Nate. 


Okay. Here are some recent fic ideas, (some inspired by that mother of all pic-spams) and some other ideas that I've had in my head; just never got round to. Anyone can take them...


Yet another drunken rape plot. An Xmas story, just to...lighten up everyones spirits, lol. Well, yeah. Chris has wanted Nate for a long time, ever since he joined the band. Nate, being the shy little bandmate he is, is completely oblivious to this. Will appears in Nate's life again, celebrating with the Foo's on Xmas day, and Shifty gets majorly possessive over everything that Nate does at the party. He manages to get the redhead drunk, and sleeps with him, keeping him away from Will. Nate wakes, freaks, and calms when Chris explains to him how much he loves him, and half-wants the bassist to stay away from Will. They live happily ever after? I think so. <3


Swapping round scenarios here. Dave (yeah, that's right, Dave...) has been feeling really down and depressed for the past few months. Against his better judgement, he's started downing pills and anti-depressants, and one night, takes too many. Taylor finds him sobbing his heart out (maybe mentions of Kurt could come up?) and cue the comforting/taking care of him. One thing leads to another. Tay makes a move on him, all for the sake of making Dave feel..safe and secure, etc. You know the drill.


Heh. Inspired by the amazing pic-spam. After a show, Chris stumbles onto the tourbus to find Nate with a hooker. Even though they're not in a relationship (yet) we see Shifty being angry once he realises Nate hasn't noticed all the moves he's been making on him for the past few weeks. 


I so want to get this plot out of my system. Dominant John. Is there anything more to say? Basically, Flea and Anthony go out clubbing or whatever, and when they come back, Anthony starts sharing stories of the times when he and Flea were teenagers, and the stuff they used to do - having a good old laugh about it. He brings up a kiss they once shared, before disappearing off with Chad someplace. John and Flea are left alone.

That's all for now. Sorry for bombarding people with ideas, I'm hoping someone will take up the first C/N idea because it makes me squee just thinking about it, lol. But yeah, take one if you want one. I could spend all day coming up with this stuff. If only we could make a living out of it....


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